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Objective BIM 2022: What changes for construction workers?

Discover the main principles of BIM 2022 and the changes that will take place in the years to come

Published: 04/12/2018

Country: France

Called BIM, the digital model revolutionizes the working methods of building companies. The French government wants to go even further with the signing of the BIM 2022 plan by the Minister of the City and Housing Julien Denormandie. What is this new working tool for building owners? Discover the main principles of BIM 2022 and the changes that will take place in the years to come.

Definition and advantages of BIM

Difficult to define, BIM (or Building Information Modeling) is considered primarily as a digital model containing structured data. It is not really a software or a technology, but rather a processor working method, as evidenced by its different specificities.

Indeed, the BIM considerably improves the working methods with the sharing of reliable information throughout the life of a building, from its conception until its demolition. This virtual model allows analysis, simulations, controls as well as visualizations. The design of the buildings is of a better quality than before, with the detection of problems before the construction began. Finally, construction costs are also better controlled.

Plan BIM 2022, the new NBTB

After the 2018 Elan law on soil surveys, the government is tackling digitalization.

In fact, the BIM 2022 plan takes over from the NBTB (Digital Transition Plan for the building). This new device aims at a more operational phase of digitalization in the construction industry.

In continuity with the NBTN, the BIM 2022 plan aims to generalize digital in the building. This will go through the acceleration of digitization in the construction sector, the goal being to build faster and cheaper, especially in the renovation.

In fact, the presidency of the project was entrusted to Yves Laffoucrière, former managing director of 3F. And it is ADN Construction who will be in charge of coordinating the mission.

The principles of device BIM 2022

Two main axes are outlined around the BIM 2022 plan:

  • generalize the digital model, including for small construction companies. All building workers will be affected by the measure. The project plans to support project owners by securing them and defining their needs. All good practices will be highlighted and know-how will be capitalized;
  • support all building and public works stakeholders by giving them access to tools for working in BIM, and in particular to the free KROQI exchange platform. Plan BIM 2022 also aims to support the building of skills of construction workers.


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