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DXW+ offers engineering software subscriptions with expert services

Published: 16/12/2019

Country: United Kingdom
Good news for engineers that are looking for expert advice tailored for their projects. 

DXW+, an official Bentley Systems Channel Partner, has launched a web store offering subscription packages consisting of Bentley Systems software and ready-to-apply expert advice.

The launch of web store makes it possible for engineers to choose software solutions that best suit their actual needs and project budget. In addition to the software license, exclusive and tailored training, as well as advice from field experts, are included in the subscription package to help them boost their analysis and modeling skills.

What is DXW+
DXW+, an official Bentley Systems channel partner, is on a mission to help engineering practitioners excel in their jobs by offering them access to various analytical software and ready-to-apply expert advice.

What does DXW+ currently offer

Currently, DXW+ offers subscription packages to the following software products:

For geotechnical engineering: PLAXIS
For pipe stress engineering: AutoPIPE
For engineering of water supply, water collection, and drainage infrastructure: OpenFlows

Besides, each package gives subscribers access to Expert Services, which are valuable and exclusive professional education resources. Expert Services allows engineers to access product knowledge, technical advice provided by field experts, tailored training and courses.

What can you expect from DXW+
- Tailored technical support and expert advice to boost your analysis and modelling skills
- The flexibility of a 12-months subscription
- No additional cost for maintenance and support
- Lower upfront costs thanks to subscription model, allowing a faster return on your investment
- Fast license delivery to help you start your project as soon as possible

About DXW+

DXW+ is a Bentley Systems channel partner, with a focus on offering subscription packages to engineering practitioners (engineers, architects, etc.). Each subscription package consists of a 12-months subscription to Bentley Systems software and a subscription to Expert (technical) Services. The current DXW+ product offering varies from AutoPIPE, OpenFlow, OpenSite Designer, to PLAXIS.

The Expert Services guarantee subscribers exclusive access to expert knowledge, advice, training and professional courses.

DXW+ website;


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