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Parametricos launched CityLite, an open-source smart-cities concept

Published: 23/07/2021

Our aim is to provide a free and open-source solution to provide tools for architects and engineers in the BIM industry with a framework to simulate their designs in a BIM and 3D GIS environment. CityLite, being an open-source solution, ensures the organic development, into a solution that will resolve workflow issues and improve the consideration of the surrounding environment in the design phases of a building, where normally it requires overpriced solutions with limited tools. That's why we are asking for your contribution to CityLite.

CityLite is a smart cities concept platform for smarter and greener cities. It was initially designed and developed in under 48 hours as part of our submission for the Cassini Hackathon - Digitising Green Spaces in June 2021.

The fast-paced work environment of the construction industry along with the lack of data during a project, forces most construction professionals to construct a project in a very short timeline. This practice emerges in isolation, with minimum consideration of the surrounding environment and the community the project will be in.

CityLite is a centralised platform for gathering data from different sources such as satellites, 3D Building Information Modeling models (BIM), GIS and IoT devices for the user to simulate different urban scenarios for a better built environment.

It's based on amazing open-source technologies such as #threejs #harpgl and #ifcjs

Check it out on Github:

Try CityLite here


There's a few ways to contribute to this project and improve it:

Fork the project repository and make your first pull request

Submit sample Satelite Images (TIF), BIM Models (IFC), a square thumbnail image and the project's location

Test it and create Issues in github so that we can start working on them


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