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Zigurat announces partnership with Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)

Both companies will join efforts to bring BIM Management education to infrastructure engineers

Published: 15/10/2017

Country: Singapore

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology and Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) come together to announce a partnership to bring BIM Management education to infrastructure engineers in a groundbreaking program based on mega projects.

BIM methodology is rapidly expanding and advancements in technology are being made across all disciplines. BIM is utilized by numerous professionals in the AECO industry: designers, modelers, architects, engineers, contractors, developers, managers and senior executives, among many others. The infrastructure sector is on the front line of this new paradigm, with BIM already offering significant savings of cost and time for road/highway, rail, bridge & tunnel, and utility professionals.

It is estimated that within the next 10 years, the entire global industry will be working with this revolutionary methodology. Professionals who adopt this new way of working sooner rather than later will experience the greatest return on their investments, becoming leaders in the field who are able to guide the industry towards this change.

A global education for a fast-growing working methodology

CCC is the largest construction company in the Middle East and ranks among the top 25 international contractors in the world with annual revenues of more than $5 billion (USD). CCC has offices and projects in over 40 countries and a workforce of more than 130,000 employees. They bring more than 20 years of BIM experience to this BIM management program developed specifically for infrastructure professionals.

This partnership will bring together the experience of CCC on the construction site and Zigurat's online education know-how, as a global institute of technology that provides educational excellence and professional development through master’s degrees, executive programs and certified qualifications. 

The 12-month Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects Certification Program, the first of its kind, offers a comprehensive education in BIM management from the perspective of an infrastructure engineer. The program offers four paths of specialization: Roads and Highways, Railways and Metro Lines, Tunnels and Bridges and Subsurface Utilities.

Participants in this program will have the opportunity to visit the Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal Building site, currently in development by CCC. This project is one of the most relevant and complex infrastructure projects in the world, and offers you the exclusive opportunity to complement your education with Zigurat in a practical way. Your class will have the chance to meet one another and together you will observe how numerous construction companies work together with the latest BIM technology, cooperating and collaborating to achieve unprecedented results.


The first edition of the program launches on May 30, 2018. You can learn more about the program here.


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