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5 success smart buildings in the world

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Published: 20/03/2018

Country: United Kingdom

With the advance in technology, we have experienced a subsequent rise in the use of smart devices and even witnessed the unfathomable power of IoT platforms. These platforms have been upgraded to a whole new level with the rise of smart buildings in different parts of the world. Today urban planners, engineers, architects and designers have taken on the challenge to build smart buildings that are environment friendly and equipped with high-tech features.

These buildings that are found around the world are ultimate examples of a unique fusion- smart and eco-friendly. From buildings that adjust the room temperature to windows that absorb daylight, below are the 5 smartest buildings from different parts of the world.

1. The Gates’ Home, Washington

The Gates’ Home as one of the smartest smart buildings in the world. The home is programmed to remember preferences and individual choices. It is integrated with a hi-tech sensor system that changes the temperature and lighting system of the entire house according to the preferences of the visitors or family. It is an earth sheltered house that uses natural surroundings to reduce the loss of heat.  Every room in the house is designed and programmed to change the temperature, light and music according to the individual choices.

                the awesome technology inside bill gates mansion home 4

2. Capital Tower, Singapore

Built in 2000, this is perhaps the oldest smart building in the world with latest technology. This smart building is integrated with IBMS that provides several modern facilities. The Capital Tower has an intelligent car park management system that displays real time status. The lifts of the tower are equipped with dual LCE panels that display real time news bulletins. The Tower is also equipped with eco-friendly sustainable systems.


3. The New York Times, New York

This is the first smart building to feature a giant curtain wall with sunscreen made of ceramic in the U.S. It was built in the year 2007. This sunscreen curtain has several of low iron glass ceramic tubes that produce light reflections and changes color. It helps to save energy all through the day.

Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Michele Nastasi · The New York Times Building

Also, you can watch the video here:

4. The Edge, Amsterdam

There are many reasons why The Edge is considered the greenest buildings in the world. One reason attributed to it is the highest level of sustainability and eco-friendliness as it has homes for bats and beehives towers in the exterior area of the building. It is also incorporated with an intelligent light system by Philips. One of the most amazing features of The Edge is the security robot that travels through the entire building as everyone calls it a day.

Resultado de imagen de the edge amsterdam

Also, you can watch the video here:

5. Beijing Airport, T3 Terminal

The Beijing international airport is one of the most sophisticated buildings in the world. Terminal 3 of the airport has 10 workstations and 25 thousand monitors for high end security and eco-friendly usage of resources. All the 10 workstations in the terminal control the heating and air flow system.

Resultado de imagen de Beijing Airport, T3 Terminal

Also, you can watch the video here:

The next generation Smart Buildings are not only incorporating new-brand technologies to optimize comfort and productivity, but also -and especially-  sharing information about their day-to-day performance so as to be able to share energy and other resources with the rest of the city buildings and infrastructure. 

This article is part of the Global UrbanTIC® and Smart Cities Certification Program  is designed to fill the current gap between the two most influential groups in Smart City systems implementation; it puts both city management professionals and technological entrepreneurs in contact, developing a common language in order to promote innovation in the current development of cities.


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