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ENGIE has chosen BIM&CO’s expertise to handle its BIM object and data management requirements

Published: 11/04/2018

Country: United Kingdom
ENGIE, a leading group in the energy sector, which is involved in installations and operations throughout a building’s life cycle, has chosen to work with BIM&CO's content management platform, in order to provide its subsidiaries, suppliers and partners with a private collaborative space to structure and manage all its BIM object libraries., the high-performance private platform for managing BIM content.
With its Onfly solution, BIM&CO enables major players in the fields of design, construction and facility management to manage BIM content for all their building products, whether generic or custom-manufactured. This private space allows users to share private object libraries in the cloud and to collaborate on specific manufacturer objects with their industrial partners, who have their own access on Onfly ensures data harmonization and the interoperability of BIM objects with different BIM software packages, as well as with different building-related professions and BIM processes.   

With, ENGIE has taken a significant step forward as regards its BIM strategy, by creating its own global community of users, bringing together its various entities around the world (ENGIE Axima, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Germany, ENGIE Spain, etc.) and its industrial partners. For ENGIE, data quality is central to creating and optimizing the value of BIM.

“Onfly specifically meets our needs in terms of optimizing the work of our design teams. We expect to improve productivity significantly.  The main objectives of this project are to have a single reference system for all the different entities in the Group and to disseminate best practices.” says Eric LAMENDOUR, BIM and Digital Solutions Director for ENGIE. 

“ENGIE's decision to choose Onfly is a genuine mark of confidence in our solution,” says Etienne Mullie, CEO of BIM&CO. “ENGIE’s investmernt in BIM is huge. We are particularly proud that such a major group, which is involved in many technical building operations, has chosen to manage its BIM content. This highlights the real potential of high quality BIM objects and our technology.”

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