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Why is it necessary to use blockchain in the BIM environment as a tool for new economic interaction?

Published: 28/06/2018

Country: Cyprus
Nowadays there is an enormous amount of opportunities to grow in the BIM atmosphere: more and more professionals still keep discovering the possibilities of BIM environment almost 40 years after its first appearance.

BIM services market capitalization is increasing exponentially. According to forecasts, the total amount of services rendered in BIM-environment will be $ 5,994.1 million by 2023. The community of professionals finds more and more advantages in information modeling technologies which offer a new mean of communication between architects, engineers, experts, managers, project managers and customers.

As a professional community, we often wonder: if the time invested in designing certain objects using BIM technology finally pays off? We all know that it is a necessary step within the framework of the project and without it no object will be constructed and commissioned. Yet we can’t but acknowledge that many times we lose time reinventing design wheels. That’s why we started re-useing previously designed  objects from our own local libraries more and more often. These objects allow us to save time as it certainly speeds the process, up bringing the result closer. In other words, we use our experience to save time and to increase our productivity and, as a result, to get a reward.

If you think about these objects, in particular, about the time spent on their creation. It becomes the quite clear that the time and experience spent on creating BIM content cost money. And when this money materializes in one project, we say: "Yes, well, our time has been paid off and this time has been spent effectively."

But unlike two-dimensional drawings on paper, with the help of BIM, today we can use the same object multiple times. In this case, the cost of BIM content changes, though it is still quite difficult to say how exactly it happens. In some cases it decreases, while in other cases it increases. But most importantly,  we all can see that there is a new market,  with a new model of economic interaction between professionals of the whole industry.That has become possible thanks to a new BIM language.

Having worked on BIMLIB service in the environment of BIM-design and construction, architectural supervision, construction supervision and control for more than 15 years, our team knows that the time spent on creating such objects can and should be turned into an asset that gives architects, engineers, programmers and BIM managers an opportunity of additional income.

By using blockchain technology in BIM environment, we are discovering completely new markets. These days, many professionals exchange BIM content libraries quid and these are not always limited to CAD objects only. We can see objects, algorithms, scripts and other important tools that greatly simplify the information models usage. Today the controlled exchange of BIM content carried out with the help of blockchain technology is one of the most important steps to take. The licensed use of BIM content will be a necessary and expected accelerator that leads to a long-awaited widespread use of information modeling.

Communication between organizations within the framework of subcontractor agreements and the implementation of these contracts on the basis of IFC assemblies including the related responsibilities are very important and will be discussed a bit later. But as soon as we see that the same proprietary object can be used repeatedly, we are obliged to take into account the author's reward for such re-usage.

As mentioned above, BIM content is not necessarily an entire building. The object can be a hotel room modeled according to hotel chain brand book, a restaurant's technological line, it can be an automobile fuel station with certain geological and zonal characteristics and an arrangement of fitness machines in a gym for 1,500 people. All these objects, applied repeatedly, provide additional income to those who created them. The experience of architects and engineers is their intellectual asset, whose price is growing highers and higher.
As BIMLIB service, we believe that this step will allow us to offer new economic mechanisms for interaction for the professional community and we can already see its positive effect.

Today we exchange BIM-content on a paid and free basis with more than 3,000 architects and engineers who seem more than satisfied with the result. 

Our customers and users create BIM content which is not limited to any particular project, but can be used in other projects as well. Thus, from the very beginning we can keep in mind the task of  generating the most frequently used and the most effective BIM content. All these questions arise only if you create objects not only for your own needs, but for the entire professional community. This is the main task for the moment and the BIMLIB service is to solve it in the shortest time worldwide.

The experience shows that a controlled exchange based on blockchain can and should significantly improve the quality of BIM content and architectural and engineering solutions. This is how these smallest "pieces of LEGO constructor" will be designed.

We are very proud to be supported by the professional community and we are confident that the working platform will allow many architects, engineers, BIM managers to discover new possibilities of BIM technologies.

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