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Datakit announces the version 2018.3 of its CAD conversion tools

Revit 2019 and IFC 4 add1 are now supported

Published: 24/07/2018

Country: France

Lyon, France, July 23rd, 2018,

The latest update of Datakit’s CAD data exchange software range is now available!

This version adds the following improvements:

  • New CAD formats versions are supported: Inventor 2019, IFC 4 add1, Creo Parametric 5.0 and Revit 2019.
  • A Creo View format reader is now available in CrossCad/Ware SDK, thus completing the Creo Parametric format reading, already provided by Datakit for many years.

This new reader enables software vendors to add CreoView import capabilities to their own application by using Datakit’s API.

They can thus extract geometry (mesh), colors and meta data (mass, volume, materials…) contained in Creo View files (.ol, .ed, .edz, .pvs and .pvz files).

This version also benefits from the constant improvement of the dozens of CAD converters provided by Datakit. Indeed, they are maintained constantly, in order to improve their quality and to process new entities, while optimizing the execution time.

Datakit tools remain completely independent and don’t require any third-party license.

Users wanting to try Datakit software can download it and get a trial license on CrossManager and CrossCad/Plg official pages.

Software vendors interested in CrossCad/Ware can visit the API presentation page and contact Datakit to get information relevant to their activity.


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