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50 Sugar Creek Center Blvd, Suite #350, Sugar Land, TX 77478 , Texas City , United States

Skills and BIM knowledge

BIM Building Information Modeling 3D BIM modeling 4D BIM 5D BIM VDC Architectural BIM Structural BIM Shop Drawings Point Cloud To BIM Scan To BIM BIM Scan Pre-Bid Estimation Digital Cost Estimation MEP BuildingInformationModeling 3DBIMmodeling 4DBIM 5DBIM ArchitecturalBIM StructuralBIM ShopDrawings PointCloudToBIM ScanToBIM BIMScan Pre-BidEstimation DigitalCostEstimation MEP BIM 3D BIM  


At Pinnacle, we “Construct Certainty with Technology.” We are the global leader in providing innovative end-to-end BIM solutions to Architecture, Engineering Construction (AEC) firms worldwide, enabling our clients to control their construction projects completely. Our work spans the entire BIM spectrum, from 3D to 7D to facilitate project coordination, collaboration, asset management, cost, and resource optimization.

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