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Study of bamboo physical properties and its application as reinforcement in adobe structures

Sustainability Edification Infrastructures Project
Published: 19/07/2017

This study is referred to the application of bamboo as a structural reinforcement in the construction with Adobe. Having as main focus the need of searching and using economical, safe and environment-friendly alternative construction materials because of the current environmental situation. Two adobe walls were built; one reinforced with bamboo and other without any reinforcement.

Those walls were essayed to cyclic lateral load in order to get capacity curves, displacement ductility, Young Modulus, stress distribution, dissipated energy, secant stiffness, and comparisons between them. The results showed that the bamboo reinforced adobe wall has a substantially better structural behavior because its lateral load capacity was highly increased; also a higher absorption and better distribution of the energy was achieved.

AutoCAD Matlab


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