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New VDI 2552 describes processes and data exchange in BIM projects

The new guideline VDI 2552 Part 7 describes methods for describing a BIM process over the life cycle of a building

BIM Implementation Collaborative Processes & Tender Strategies Protocols
Published: 11/10/2018

Along the entire value-added chain for construction projects, information is generated, made available and reused by the participants in the construction. In order to facilitate the flow of information with the working methodology Building Information Modeling (BIM), an appropriate information management process is necessary. The new guideline VDI 2552 Part 7 describes methods for describing a BIM process over the life cycle of a building.

Processes are the basis for a coordinated and defined data and information exchange between the project participants in all phases of the building life cycle. The characteristics of the respective processes vary depending on the setting of the BIM goals. However, basic types can be represented whose characteristics are to be specified in individual cases via parameters in the context of the BIM execution plan. Guideline VDI 2552 Part 7 provides methods and exemplary BIM-relevant processes. In addition to describing the form and content of the data exchanged, the process definition also includes the tasks and roles of the project participants. The directive also defines the starting conditions for starting a process,

New VDI 2552 Sheet 4: Data Exchange

The realization of data exchange scenarios is an essential part of the handling of BIM projects. The focus is on the transfer of geometrical-semantic building models. The likewise newly published guideline VDI 2552 Part 4 describes the data exchange in the application of the BIM methodology between those involved in the planning, construction and operation of structures. It focuses on vendor-neutral, standardized interfaces and describes procedures for defining the geometric and attributive degree of elaboration.

The VDI 2552 series "Building Information Modeling (BIM)" represents the national position in the international BIM standardization activities. The VDI coordination group BIM has an overview in cooperation with the DIN committee responsible for the mirroring of German activities in the international standardization bodies to the national and international committees. The aim is to coordinate the contents in order to enable a consistent set of standards for the committees working in parallel. There are personnel overlaps in the bodies working at different levels. Download the guide now. 


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