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What Almost Every Infrastructure Owner Doesn't Realize

Tools have changed but we still do our infra construction projects as before. What are we really missing?

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Published: 29/11/2018

Tools have changed but we still do our infra construction projects as before. Take the designs on-site, dig, install, fill in and send the handover to property management. What are we really missing?

Do better infraconstruction investments.

Yes, we have started to adapt to BIM tools. We have gotten a lot of benefits and savings from those tools. What more is there to go for?

We got excellent information on what’s below our streets and grounds. This information has become very valuable in future’s maintenance and design tasks. There really isn’t much more to improve.

Then let me ask this:

How much infra construction organization benefits technical director in his needs? Council? Technical board? Other groups and personnel in the organization?

….none. Why would we? They are not interested in what’s underground! They only want to know the cost of projects.

That’s not really the point, the point is here:


Do you think the technical director, board or council could make better decision making based on the information above or below?


Above one could provide more accurate mass calculations, cost estimations, a better understanding of end results, fewer changes to design during construction with less work than below one.

Kill the double work, share already existing information and benefit everyone who could need it

How to Benefit Others with BIM

We have agreed that BIM Information could give us a clearer understanding of our projects. Clearer understanding means making a better decision on investments in Infraconstruction.

Jero how can we? Council members don’t know how to use professional CAD software! Plus the software licenses cost like hell!

There are plenty of tools and softwares to preview BIM designs without having expensive CAD licenses. Research on project-, documentation-  and real-time management tools. I will guarantee you there will be plenty of choices. And on another hand, weigh on the benefits. Does it bring more savings in that money goes out?

Okay, alright, but why do all this hassle just to inform council more? Why do all this extra work only to benefit a few decision makers?

You can help garden designers to design their parks in BIM after infra construction has done their own work and built as-built models.

You can help the marketing team to keep citizens updated by sharing screenshots of BIM buildings, streets, gardens and so on.

You can help project budget estimators to make estimations more accurate with automated mass calculations.

You can help communications with the citizens about construction progress and disruptions are easier to handle when you can show everyone how much there is left to be finished with the project...

See my point?

There are a ton of things to do when we have shared information from our tools. We can benefit others who aren’t directly in infra construction and let them do their work with more efficiency. I recommend reading this article to really understand the whole opportunity of it.

But you were right on one thing. No one isn’t interested what is under the ground but infraconstruction and maintenance groups. What the build areas look like, how they progress and so on is useful knowledge for many.


As doctors say “Don’t overconsume”. Same thinking works here as well. Don’t go crazy about providing information just because if someone would want that information. Stick to the needs.

It is important to have this kind of meeting once a year where organizations collect needs from groups that would want to have information from other groups. There are plenty of synergies to be found.

Now, I want you to give back to all infrastructure industry people.

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