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Published: 04/04/2019

IFC drawings and LOD 400

Hi, My name is Juan Jose Ortega Sanchez, I am a Construction Engineer and I work for a consulting company in Mexico City that specializes in dealing with Infrastructure Projects. The issue of BIM is relatively recent in our country and it has not yet been possible to standardize its application or its criteria. For my part, I have been studying what is involved in a BIM system applied to Construction and especially the issue of LOD's (Level of Development). From what I have read, mainly in the "LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT (LOD) SPECIFICATION PART I & COMMENTARY" of the BIM Forum, it is clear to me what are the attributes that each level of LOD must meet, from 100 to 500, however there is an aspect that I have not yet been able to define completely. 1. From my point of view, an Executive Project with Issued for Construction drawings corresponds to an LOD 400, however there are colleagues who maintain that it can be an LOD 350. 2. The same happens with the topic of the Shop Drawings, I believe that these drawings should be developed from an LOD 400 and there are those who think that the Shop Drawings are the bridge between LOD 350 and LOD 400. Here on the BIM Community I found an article named "The 5 phases of a project in BIM" which on Phase 4 Executive Project states "This phase works primarily detail and a LOD400 level is achieved" Can you help me further define these aspects?, or direct me to some literature that would allow me to further define them? I thank you in advance for your attention. Best Regards Juan José Ortega Sánchez

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