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BIM Implementation 3D / VDC Project
Published: 06/05/2019

BIM for non-engineers

Building Information Modeling has been exclusive to professionals in the construction industry with sufficient computer skills and digital background, until now. Our new BIM software VIMERT is a huge leap forward for BIM project management and implementation, as it offers people a full BIM package, easy to use and does not require the skills required for other BIM software. VIMERT has already been tested in actual project with outstanding results. It offers reliable output, PM tools and realistic rendering of models, this new contribution to the world of engineering was the fruit of 5 years of discussions, development and testing, we hope to rise with this application to handle infrastructure projects, and GPS technology that we, in Subhengineering, hope would revolutionize the construction industry, bring collaboration between project parties and introduce them to the new era of engineering.

Main Features of VIMERT:

Model Walk-through:

The software uses game-engine technology to perform a walk-through in auto-rendered imaging, the options are to navigate in a gravity and non-gravity modes, as well as controlling motion speed.

Project’s inquiry:

The models, exported from Autodesk Revit, contain the same elements’ information and properties from Revit, adding information to the model in Vimert is also possible.


the project’s owners, contractors, consultants, and managers can be linked through a local server or the Internet, and collaborate by exchanging messages and media files, authorizing construction phases, and full up built-in contracting forms, pricing lists and bills of quantities.

Record Modeling:

In addition to walk-through, the software renders videos of model walk-through and exports it in .avi file format.


The Vimert interface is basically a toolbar for walk-through, a toolbar for element visibility and recording, and a slightly large property box, containing information about bills of quantities, communication, project information, and model.

2d map: Vimert users can view a 2d cad-based layout while they are navigating through the model in order to recognize the locations according to shop drawings. 



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