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Published: 05/11/2019

How does 5D BIM benefit Cost managers and Construction process?

BIM has been an answer to all highly intellectual questions pertaining to buildings and recent architectural trends. If you look at its evolution, it signifies an evolution from 2D CAD design to a dynamic 3D model built of enormous data of a project and its physical/virtual characteristics. Until now the best that BIM has done for us is visualization and clash detection. And we were happy with this, until, we realized it can do much better. It can solve the most crucial part of the building process and that is – Cost!! So let’s say you create an information model, furthermore, you add scheduling data to different components which leads you to generate precise program data for the concerned project. This is 4D BIM. Now when you produce an accurate cost estimate from the given components of the information model it is 5D BIM. Read more for the several advantages of developing 5D BIM.


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