About us

The community that boosts BIM in the construction sector

BIMCommunity is the first global social network where all the participants involved in the lifecycle of a construction project can get informed, connect with professionals and companies from all over the world and grow in a BIM environment.

With an enduring commitment to a sustainable building processes, BIMCommunity wants to encourage the AEC industry with the huge challenges yet to come. We strongly believe that collaboration will bring us to a better future, where all the cities are more efficient and sustainable, and BIM is the way to do it.

Our mission

We help and encourage the construction industry to adopt the paradigm shift that Building Information Modeling (BIM) means. Our commitment to this collaborative methodology of work requires us to offer the most innovative tools and information so that users can advance in their professional career.

Our vision

To be the global benchmark BIM social platform.


Our values



We offer a specific service segmented by local markets, taking into consideration a global BIM framework.



We create the appropriate environment for professionals to develop their professional career within the community and to achieve their goals with the greatest efficiency.



We provide the latest innovations in the sector and offer the best resources, content and quality training for all our users.



We enhance the collaboration between users and companies for the creation of content and thus generate a shared value of quality.


BIMCommunity's commitment to the AEC industry is on all levels, from local markets and regions that are making huge efforts to advance in the adoption of the BIM methodology, to a global scenario.

From individuals looking for professional development, high-value content and latest events and jobs, to companies identifying new clients and business opportunities.

Supporting BIM friendly initiatives and its core actors, we have developed a strong and fast-growing community, based on collaboration and real experiences from the industry. This sense of unity is only possible with BIM.

BIMCo by Countries

Understanding small-scale information needs and with the aim of providing local content, BIMCommunity has developed 6 regional communities, where users can access news, professional opportunities and contacts from their own countries.



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