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Type of Event: Summit
Organizer: CPI Trade Media
Language of the event: English
Price: Free
Starting date: 28/10/2018
End Date: 28/10/2018
Venue: Habtoor Grand Hotel. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Middle East BIM Summit 2018

Lean & Industrialized constructionSoftware - Hardware

The ME BIM Summit 2018 focuses on the BIM Ecosystem and examines how Products, Processes and People (PPP) evolve together to create an ecosystem that shapes the global construction industry.

This summit will examine and discuss current research and practices in relation to BIM, while also explaining the implications and approaches to managing the complex interdependencies between all aspects of BIM-related projects.

Finally, the 2018 BIM Summit will highlight the implications of future BIM ecosystems and their impact on research, practice and education in the field.

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