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Type of Event: Webinar
Organizer: lodplanner
Language of the event: German
Price: Free
Starting date: 19/09/2019
End Date: 19/09/2019
Venue: Online Event

BIM Management Webinar - Einfache BIM-Planung

BIM Implementation3D / VDCPlanning & BudgetingLean & Industrialized constructionCollaborative Processes & TenderSoftware - HardwareEvents
This event has been translated from German. View original

Episode 1 - Erstellung eines Online-BIM-Abwicklungsplans.
Episode 2 - Visueller BIM-Leistungsumfang, den jeder verstehen kann.
Episode 3 - Einfache BIM-Tracking und Kontrollwerkzeuge.

Datum: 5., 12. und 19. September 2019
Zeit: 11:00 Uhr

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