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Type of Event: Summit
Organizer: BIMLABS
Language of the event: English
Price: INR 2000/-
Starting date: 11/01/2020
End Date: 11/01/2020
Venue: BIMLABS Cochin. Cochin, India

India BIM summit

BIM Implementation

The second edition of India BIM Summit is a platform for organizations, professionals, faculties & Students to understand the opportunities of BIM.

This event is designed for organizations to understand the market, identify the challenges that are currently being adopted, interact with the speakers to know the latest trends in the industry.

For Professionals: Understand what actually industry needs, meet the organizations that are defining the industry, scale-up the professional and Knowledge boundary.

For faculties: Know the industry, learn to bridge the gap between industry and academia, update with current industry requirements and standards.

For students: Understand industry requirements, become employable, set the career path and targets.

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