Top BIM events of the year

Type of Event: Fair
Organizer: Zigurat Global Institute of Technology
Language of the event: English
Price: Free
Starting date: 06/04/2021
End Date: 08/04/2021
Venue: Online Event

Agora BIM 2021 - Global analysis of the success factors of a BIM project


The E&C sector is currently changing at a very fast pace, influencing the way we interact in physical environments, moving to virtual environments, affecting the way we understand design strategies, organisational structures, technical and human resources, as well as changing business processes, changing the work philosophy that we have been practising until now.

Every day we produce, exchange and store a large amount of information. We are faced with defining and applying the right protocols, processes and procedures in BIM. In order to achieve an efficient exchange throughout the life of an asset, it is essential to establish a proper management of this information, which will require us to find the technical solution that will develop it.

The key to the success of our BIM project is the link between these three aspects and it is essential to understand and apply BIM: technology – business – people.

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