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Type of Event: Masterclass
Organizer: Zigurat Global Institute of Technology
Language of the event: Portuguese
Price: Free
Starting date: 09/06/2021
End Date: 09/06/2021
Venue: Online Event

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BIM point cloud modeling for architecture


When architecturally designing new forms and spaces or retrofitting existing spaces, accurate knowledge of all the dimensions and details of the environment can be the basis for successful and quality projects.

In the MasterClass "BIM point cloud modeling for architecture" it will be presented how reality capture technology, with millimetre precision, is providing crucial "as-is" and "as-built" information needed for the development of architectural projects on the BIM building information modeling platform. In other words, to create accurate designs without errors or interference, we need to feed ourselves accurate data.

About the speaker: RAFAEL RIGONI

Engineer graduated by PUC Minas, with Post-Graduation in Industrial Projects (emphasis on Civil, Electrical and Mechanical) by Newton-Paiva. BIM specialization in metallic structures, concrete and industrial plants in Finland.

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