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Type of Event: Webinar
Organizer: BIM&CO
Language of the event: English
Price: Free
Starting date: 16/02/2023
End Date: 16/02/2023
Venue: Online Event

How to facilitate your internal BIM object sharing, to collaborate better in your projects?

BIM Implementation3D / VDCCollaborative Processes & Tender

Sharing BIM objects with your team or partners can often be tricky.

❌ Time wasted searching for content in your local servers or sharepoints.

❌ Mass mailing and accumulation of Excel files

❌ Disorganised BIM object library, with inconsistent data

If you encounter any of these challenges in your daily tasks, then this Onfly webinar is for you.

Come find out how a unique and trustworthy cloud-based BIM application will facilitate your object sharing, collaboration, and overall productivity.

✅ Save time by quickly uploading, searching and viewing your 3D objects

✅ Collaborate more easily by adding your team to your project spaces

✅ Manage who can access your BIM content

Join this webinar on Thursday 16th of February at 4pm (GMT +8 / SGP Time).

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