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ViBIM awarded BIM consultant for Viettel Head office Building – the biggest Vietnamese BIM pilot project ever


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Company: ViBIM
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Year of the project: 2018
Published: 25/06/2018
Budget: 8,500,000 USD

Viettel Group is currently the largest telecommunications group in Vietnam with 76 million customers. The group consists of more than 20 subsidiary companies running different types of business including telecom, investment, real estates, foreign trade and technical services… It is a state-owned enterprise wholly owned and operated by the Ministry of Defence and the first state-owned operator to accept Google Play payments. Project Head office of Viettel is the largest BIM pilot project ever at the time scheme of applying BIM Construction and management activities of Vietnamese Ministry of Construction has been approved, the project will integrate comprehensive BIM applications and technologies from Design to Operation phase. They are the updating technologies that US scalable projects are applying, such as Total Station Measurement technology, laser scan, use Ipad for field, cloud collaboration,…

With over 10 years study and implement various projects in US, UK and Vietnam, and be active member of the board of consultant for official BIM roadmap, ViBIM was selected to by Viettel Group for BIM consultant contract for Viettel Head-office project. The total investment of this project estimates about 2000 billion VND (~$8,700,000) lasted 3 years. ViBIM will role as BIM consultant in behalf of the board of project manager in order to help Viettel solving the people, process, and technology problem and deliver custom solutions and technology integrations for the AEC community, including:

- BIM Strategic support

+ We develop strategic approach to BIM based on the goals of BIM application to project. Mapping BIM project deliverables to the key business drivers of Viettel, we work with The Viettel’s board of project manager to assess EIR, standard, template, software, workflows, and coordinate the BIM process.

+ Identify BIM uses with key stakeholders

+ Develop best practices and workflows

+ Deliver project-based training

- Integrate BIM data from Design to Facilities Management

+ Capture data throughout the delivery process

+ Review and approve delivered model from contractors to ensure that data is collected in a usable format

+Allow all stakeholders to access the information they need

- Develop BIM standard

+ We help Viettel’s Board of project manager develop the guideline and standard documents that regulate the information flow between all project participants.

+ Write the BIM Execution Plan, Level of Development (LOD)

+ Consider and choose the appropriate CDE platform to communicate and transfer information within project’s team.

- BIM project Audit

+ We create the model authoring checklist to audit the model and data submitted by design firm and contractors to ensure compliance with industry standards, the standards laid out in the BIM Project Execution Plan, and the data requirements of other project participants.

+ Compare actual output with established BIM standards

+ Confirm that data is where we expect it to be

+ Complete variance audits that pinpoint what has changed between shared models

- Coordination and clash detection

+ We coordinate trades building models from the architect, structural contractor, MEP contractor, Substation contractor, elevator contractor and other into a coordination model and run clash detection to review constructability for design adjustment prior to export shop drawing for construction at the work site.

+ Organize annual coordination meeting and deliver a comprehensive clash detection strategy

Type of Work
  • Building
Companies collaborating in the project
How was the BIM Experience in the project?
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Waste reduction, labor costs and deviations
Greater control of the construction process
Improves collaboration between agents
Conflict resolution and clash detection
Correction and error handling
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