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Wall farming design automation


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Company: Powerkh
Location: New York City, United States
Year of the project: 2020


Our client is a North America-based, international construction services company, a leading builder in numerous market segments.


Our client struggled with a number of challenges in their design process. One of them was the design of a wall framing. It takes effort and time to design it according to structural requirements and model it correctly, coordinating it with other building elements. The system of wall framing includes a range of many elements dependent on each other. Even the slightest changes require updating the entire system. As a result, a ready-to-use design is delivered with a significant delay.

Impact on business



Having analyzed the client’s wall design process we identified processes that could be automated.


Using Dynamo, we made 3 scripts for every subprocess: panels grid creation, panels division and framing creation


During this stage, we found issues with scripts and figured out which steps to take to improve the scripts.


We added 2 more scripts to do quality control and remove auxiliary elements.


Our engineering team took over the workflow and its regular improvements.



Impact on business

By implementing the set of Dynamo scripts in the wall framing design process, we reduced the time needed to design the framing for one wall from several hours to just a few minutes. Each script can be modified in line with the client's requirements for the framing material preferred connections and details etc. It takes now much less time to design a high-quality wall framing model that caters to the building’s specific features. If the wall layout changes, our team can easily adjust the framing design with minimum labor hours.

Implementation sector
  • Offices of architecture
Type of Implementation
Size of the company
  • Little BIM
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