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BIM Models with LOD 300 for the Hotel Project in USA


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Company: TrueCADD
Location: Bakersfield, United States
Year of the project: 2012

The Residence Inn, Marriott, a 10,500 sq ft, 6-storey architectural marvel, complete with a basement for car parking, became the canvas for one of our projects. A construction engineering firm in California, USA, needed to create BIM models with LOD 300 for Architecture, Structure, and MEP for the hotel project in the USA. They were looking to collaborate with a reliable BIM service provider for this project.

They partnered with TrueCADD, given our 30 years of experience in delivering over 1,000 projects for clientele across the US, UK, Europe, and other countries. TrueCADD’s certified Revit experts are skilled in working on a wide range of large-scale projects, including residential and commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, hospitals, and airports.

The client supplied inputs in the form of PDF files. However, structural drawings were absent from the initial file. To overcome this obstacle, the TrueCADD team used a model that relied on assumptions from the client’s architectural drawings. Also, in the basement, the dimensions and survey points were misaligned, creating another puzzle to be solved.

Our team used Autodesk Revit to transform the client’s input files into intelligent BIM models, following strict project protocols. They created architectural, structural, and MEP BIM models, each loaded with detailed information.

Once the initial challenges were resolved, the next task included clash detection and coordination between these models. The team used Navisworks to identify inter-disciplinary clashes and then resolve them so that all stakeholders could access a single source of truth - a clash-free and coordinated 3D BIM model for architectural, structural, and MEP elements.

The team at TrueCADD not only delivered the project within the stipulated timeframe of 6 weeks but also provided 99.9% First Time Right deliverables that provided the client with invaluable insights regarding the potential conflicts during the actual construction phase. This foresight not only preserved the project’s integrity but also safeguarded against substantial financial and temporal setbacks. The team utilized VRay and 3Ds Max for project rendering, enabling the client to showcase the existing project to end clients and secure multiple additional projects.

TrueCADD’s BIM experts improved construction efficiency by providing accurate material take-offs and project schedules, reducing time and costs, and enhancing operational efficiency.

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