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Zigurat’s mission is to promote continued progress in the practices of architecture, engineering, construction and building development. We have more than 120 professionals from over 15 different countries who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experiences, which have become international benchmarks, with students who wish to achieve professional success through certified programs.

Our strategic plan is focused on three key points: providing the best online education designed according to the needs of the industry, further developing of our training programs for the international market, and launching a strategy to help professionals to attain top job positions at a global level.


Jesús Martínez

Máster Internacional BIM Manager - 3rd edition

The master has been very important for me. I was working as a modeller and since I did this program I’ve gained the knowledge needed and I’ve achieved the BIM Manager position inside the company. Has been a positive change

Pablo Freiría

Máster Internacional BIM Manager - 2nd edition

Doing the program opened me the door for working in the university. I’ve received a great recognition in my area, which means a great satisfaction. Besides, I will soon start giving classes in the Engineering School

Carlos Gil

Postgraduate/Specialization BIM Expert Revit 360 Project & Construction Manager - 1st edition

Learning with Zigurat was great because we had the chance to work in our own schedule, the quality of all the academic department was excellent and mostly the content, more focused in the practical aspect rather than the theory.

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