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Scan to BIM Modelling is widely used today as a part of the construction process

Published: 29/10/2018

Scan to BIM Modelling is widely used today as a part of the construction process. It is also known as Point cloud Modelling or as-built modelling process. It is now becoming a prerequisite for the renovation and retrofit industry worldwide, as it is a well-structured method for capturing existing building data than manually surveying the building.  Many infrastructure retrofit or renovation projects like Heritage buildings, Churches, old Government buildings, Education Institutions etc.  are accomplished using laser scan modelling process.

This is one of the best ways to work with as built projects and understand the existing designs.  The real challenge lies in maintaining accuracy in terms of dimensions, geometry and detailing along with the levels or origins. Taking the laser scans as a base and converting the scan images is indeed a complex process. Let us see some of the points that we need to take care of while working on point cloud modeling projects.

Following the correct process

When we work on laser scan to BIM modeling projects, we need to ensure the scans are taken from correct angles and are registered properly before we give it to the any team or company to execute projects. With such massive sized scans and minute details in it, it is mandatory that the company working on the scans have high end infrastructure, high speed internet and technicians who have immaculate knowledge of the BIM as well as knowledge of working with laser scans. There are different software and plug-ins available to read the scan data. Storage spaces like cloud facility should be available to store such huge files.

Utilizing smart methods to work on scans is very important to achieve quick turnaround time and high quality.

Software used for Point Cloud to BIM conversion

It is very important that the software supports laser scans effectively. There are many software that do not accept point cloud data or some formats of point cloud data. Several software tools used for 3D Modeling do not accept point cloud data. There are some additional plug-ins available that help convert all formats in Recap format that is good to work with. We can also get mirror balls, ortho images etc. that helps in working on point cloud to BIM conversion.

Skilled BIM Technicians

Since the Scan to BIM conversion process is not a complete automation process, it is vital that we have a competent Engineer, Architect or Modeler with good knowledge of Building Information Modeling and Point cloud to complete the work. There may be need to work based on assumptions and standards, which can only be done by an experienced person.

We cannot over rule the importance of experienced and skilled resources for scan to BIM conversion projects. This requires complete application knowledge and seamless exchange of two technologies is what implies for a successful project.  Since most of the time the scans need not be completely clear ability to understand and apply proper building standards and codes, also is vital. For renovation and retrofit projects, it is very important to present the existing structure issues in order to propose a newer design. Most of the old buildings undergo renovation to either match the current construction trends or optimize the building structure with latest technology, environmental conditions etc. 

Point cloud to BIM Modelling is an excellent technology provided it is utilized in the proper method. 

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