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Tips for Choosing the Right BIM Service Providers in the DC Metropolitan Area

Published: 27/12/2019

Country: United States

The AEC industry across the globe is undergoing a paradigm shift in the design and construction project operation. Part of this revolution is owing to the dependence on BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, a digital representation of a facility. BIM provides a comprehensive view of all building elements before construction, enabling architects, designers, and other project stakeholders to eliminate design shortcomings at inception, saving cost and time. All construction project stakeholders can understand the practical design implications, facilitating an optimized solution.

Before delving into the tactics of choosing a perfect BIM service provider in the DC Metropolitan area, let’s check out the benefits of  using Revit BIM Modeling Services:

BIM Advantages at a glance

• Saving Cost & Time through Clash Detection at an Early Stage

• Streamlining Data with Easy Accessibility for all

• Technology Usage to Eliminate Human Error

• Extracting Accurate Estimate for Construction Materials

• Comprehensive Approach & Practical Implication of a Proposed Design

Tactics for Choosing a BIM Service Provider

If you want to find out a competent BIM service provider in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, who can match up to your requirement, you may consider the following points.

1. Expertise – A significant thing to consider while choosing a BIM Service Provider is its expertise. It makes a BIM service company stand apart from the rest. Ask the BIM service company in DC about the total number of projects executed, specific value addition they have made, the size of the projects they have handled, the complicated challenges they have met, and their depth of involvement in a project. You may also ask about their experience in dealing with Revit BIM Modeling services in Washington DC and the industry verticals they have served like the Structural Design Firms, MEP Engineers, Architects, Concrete Contractors, Homebuilders, Contractors and more. Asking such questions will help you get an understanding about the proficiency of a potential BIM Company in DC.


2. Patrons – Expertise cannot be the only parameter for selecting a BIM Service Provider in DC. Take a look at their clients to evaluate the portfolio of a BIM company. Each AEC project has its requirement, and you have to carefully choose a Building Information Modeling expert with relevant expertise matching your requirement.


3. Reference & Feedback – Publicity matters a lot. If a Building Information Modeling company in the DC Metropolitan area is as good as it claims to be, the construction clients will provide valuable feedback about the company. It’s also significant to do a reference check. Contact clients to get feedback about the company so that you can understand various aspects like professionalism, the capability to meet deadlines, and other specifications about your need.


4. Global Presence – Look into the fact whether the BIM Service Provider you are choosing has a global presence or not. A BIM Construction Management Company brings higher expertise compared to a local BIM partner. International business has greater exposure to the best practices of the industry with innovative techniques, ways of working, stronger documentation processes, and improved collaboration. Consequently, international expertise helps to add value to your project planning and execution.


5. BIM Resources – Competent BIM experts with apt knowledge of Buiding Information Modeling is a vital asset to a construction company. Find out the team of BIM specialists who will work on your construction project, implementing the latest tools and techniques. Ensure that the team is having experience in the science of construction, building codes, and rules.


6. Latest Technology Usage – Building Information Modeling software applications are evolving throughout the years. Hence, it is significant that you should know as well as verify whether the BIM company is using the latest software applications like Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Solidworks, A 360 Collaboration, Cloud, Newforma, and more. It is also imperative that the Construction Management & BIM Engineering Service Providers should update themselves about technological advances in the field of construction.


7. Align Expectations – Define what you are expecting from your BIM Company in Washington DC Metropolitan Area, USA. Before finalizing your BIM partner, ensure that the company can meet your end. Outline your milestones and deliverables as this will help you and your BIM company to stay on the same page and keep track of the project's success.


Follow the simple tactics for choosing a BIM Service provider in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Making the right selection will provide you cost benefits, saving time and efforts, and help you excel in your AEC project execution. Seek a competent Construction Management, BIM, and Engineering Service Provider like Tejjy Inc based in Washington DC and revolutionize your construction workflow.


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