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Last trends of the AECO sector

Published: 05/02/2020

Country: United States

The game-changing information technology is carving out a niche for the smart building sector. The digitized platform of BIM provides a collaborative way of working, creation, and asset maintenance which unravels competent techniques of designing. This Building Information Modeling process entrenches strategic product and asset data into a 3 dimensional model for information management throughout the project life-cycle – from conception to final operation.

Apart from being a support design for improving construction efficacy and saving construction costs for building structures and industrial plants, BIM is also currently used as a base to support maven simulation analysis like people program and possession, micro-climate, and carbon reduction.

Since 1980, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) has been the design support system  for construction Industry professionals. However, the birth of BIM (Building Information Modeling) epitomizes the subsequent paradigm shift in the field of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector. BIM has entailed a more significant change in-comparison to CAD by bringing core information at the initial construction stages and collaborating through the digitized process for consistent information with online tracking process in a cost-effective environment.

Advent of BIM has supported AEC professionals by shaping smart buildings that help to embed spaces with objects. Expert engineers enhance the building efficacy, safety, and comfort of the occupants by using varied options of 3D modeling, 3D rendering, walk-through, virtual reality. BIM life-cycle management weighs up the challenges and opportunities for the design, construction, and management on a construction project of the smart buildings.

4D BIM, helps to pinpoint the exact location of the smart sensors and devices in the design phase. Thermal analysis and adoption of Revit software construction professionals are able to bring energy efficient smart buildings through building commissioning processes. 

AEC industry is all set to integrate 3D BIM modeling along with Geo-spatial databases, real-time sensors, and social networks. The construction industry is emphasizing the adaptivity of BIM as it leads the way to support carbon reduction during the building life-cycle.

A designer’s task during the built-environment design empowers the building to be a learning entity. In doing so, the building model applies experience to information and obtains knowledge about itself along with its surroundings, with and without human interaction, denoting the concept of the Building Internet of Things or Big Data for Smart Buildings. As a result of which, design and operation teams need to enhance their engineering skills by joining hands with IT experts, to create a virtual, or information architecture connecting the physical building architecture and design.

In 2011, the British government stated that, by 2016, there would be the requirement of collaborative 3D BIM on all government projects as a part of an endeavor to revitalize the construction industry to attain a 20% cost reduction for new buildings. Accomplishing this objective entailed BIM engagement in the smart building segment to create a competent construction and a more intelligent built environment. 

Even though the UK has taken a strong lead for BIM implementation and growth, several other countries across the globe have started realizing BIM opportunities and so are investing substantially in developing their BIM capabilities. The Building Information Modeling process is now becoming mainstream to new buildings as well as the renovation projects, employing complementary workflows like laser scanning and energy analysis.

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