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Published: 27/04/2021

Country: United States

Technological innovation has the potential to make the construction sector efficient. Building Information Modeling (BIM) holds the center stage for virtual design and construction. The future looks bright with Revit software application in BIM & virtual design and construction services. 

Let’s discuss the challenges faced by the AEC professionals,  resolutions through Revit BIM models & VDC construction services, scope of BIM services and the benefits of BIM Modeling.

BIM refers to a digital representation of physical and functional attributes of a building facility. It’s a shared resource about a building facility and virtual construction are the management of the models or actions. Virtual construction management is the process of using the model as well as the technology to improve the construction process.

Project Challenges faced by AEC professionals:

  • Schedule constraint: It’s often seen that the volume of the construction project is large, including all services of architectural, structural, site utility, MEP and Fire Protection trades. Moreover, the whole project schedule is aggressive with the deadline for completion within a certain time period.

  • Resource management: It’s also challenging for the construction project managers to manage several people, working simultaneously at the same location on the construction site. 

  • Environmental factors: At times, AEC project stakeholders face the complexity of bringing sustainable design (green building) to construction, in order that the building habitants get a healthy work environment and don’t have to struggle with extreme environmental  hazards.

  • Collaboration with stakeholders: Often, collaborating with project stakeholders, including engineers, architects, Revit MEP consultants, owners, vendors & coordination amongst the various services become difficult.

  • Risk of delay due to material & resources: Sometimes, the materials and resources involved in the project for construction are very huge.

How Revit BIM Services play an active role in resolving project challenges?

  • BIM VDC modelers work with Revit software platform along with Navisworks, 3ds Max, AutoCAD & BIM 360 to create error-free 3D models, with accurate quantities, shop drawings & virtual simulation of the construction plan. This facilitates in making the right schedule for laborers to work simultaneously on-site, facilitating smooth project construction and completion, saving man-days.

  • VDC engineers and Revit MEP consultants work with clear targets, keeping pace with the casting schedule.  All casting programs are accommodated in the delivery schedule. Sustainable design is brought to constructio

  • n through façade design during the pre-construction stage. Shop drawings created by BIM VDC designers from the Revit Model are shared amongst multiple vendors & stakeholders, leading to a smooth and flawless construction.

  • Senior management of VDC company & on-site team collaborate with Revit MEP consultants, contractors & other project stakeholders for ensuring improved coordination,  navigating clashes in 3D Model to get on-the-spot solution, saving construction time. Revit BIM family creation, integrated with virtual construction services ensures proper coordination amongst services for clash free BIM model creation & shop drawings, leading to flawless installation.

  • 4D modeling & accurate 5D Bill of Quantity from Revit BIM Model facilitates VDC construction management team to track project timeline, distribute resources, save cost and rework.  Work-sharing and visualization through Revit library creation allow viewing in canvas the status of Revit electrical families,  mechanical, plumbing, fire-protection, architectural and structural elements assigned to specific work sets. Revit facilitates DWG exports, where the team updates the user interface, saving preset and configuring output requirements.

Scope of Revit BIM Services

3D BIM model creation in Autodesk Revit (LOD 100 - 500) for architectural, structural, site logistics and MEPFP services, meeting project objectives include:

  • Constructability review, 3D modeling & clash coordination 

  • Quantity take-off (BOQ) /BOM & Bar Bending Schedule

  • 4D construction phasing 

  • Creation of shop drawings & validation 

  • Marketing presentations with BIM & VDC technologies 

  • As-built update

Benefits of using BIM Modeling & VR Construction Services 

  • Collaboration tools for team communication – Autodesk Revit BIM services help to progress through each phase of the construction project from 3D floor setup to structural and MEP clash detection. BIM modelers and VDC construction management professionals review critical areas in 3D for changes and evaluate space constraints. Building Information Modeling facilitates various design disciplines to collaborate as a single information platform, improving work efficacy, reducing errors, verifying aesthetics and improving building performance.

  • Construction project visualization - Using BIM Revit families for 3D model design, BIM engineers and professionals of virtual design and construction services produce drawings with cutaways, elevations and sections through renderings and animations, bringing projects to life.  Combining revit library creation and fabrication models in Navisworks for project coordination help to avoid costs of rework from the presence of clashes. A virtual tour of the projected building (360 degree view) created through comprehensive 3D renderings & walkthroughs on the fly, enables project visualization before construction.

  • Constructability analysis – Revit electrical families, structural components as well as mechanical, plumbing and architectural elements play a significant role in design optimization, coordination and construction management. BIM engineers and VDC consultants work in a coordinated manner, completing the project with strict accordance to the project timeline.

Revit BIM integrated with VR construction service enables project managers to plan and execute intelligent models, allowing team members to coordinate every facet of the building projects like the design, detailing, construction and maintenance. Top BIM service providers in USA are implementing Revit for identifying constructability issues before construction, thus detecting clashes and avoiding work stoppage, rework and wastage of material,  time and manpower. 

To obtain customized Revit library creation with virtual design and construction services, consult Tejjy Inc. BIM modeling company in USA. Top BIM consultants of the design-build firm in USA undertake root cause analysis for errors in plan, section drawings, constructability reviews, maintenance problems, space constraint, design issues, etc. Contact 202-465-4830 or [email protected] and get the complete support  for Revit BIM virtual construction services.


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