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How BIM Helps to Achieve Green Building Certification for Buildings?

Green Building Certification with BIM

Published: 21/04/2022

Country: India

How BIM Helps to Achieve Green Building Certification for Buildings?

Building Information Modeling has the potential to make LEED Certified Sustainable Green Building Design a reality in the construction industry. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and it is one of the most widely used green building rating systems in the world, providing a foundation for cost savings. As a result, building companies have started to include this widely recognized symbol of sustainability in their process. Nonetheless, applying LEED to construction poses several hurdles for AEC firms. Let’s examine how the Building Information Modeling technique aids in achieving LEED certification in a construction project by addressing issues related to the environment, water scarcity, resource management, extended material lead time, and energy analysis.

BIM Helps to Overcome Obstacles for Achieving Green Building Certification:

Reduced Environmental Effect - By reducing environmental impact, BIM aids in the achievement of sustainability goals. By planning through facade design during the pre-construction stage, AEC experts bring the sustainable design of a green building to construction using the BIM technique. 3D Revit BIM Models provide shop drawings that can be shared with vendors and project stakeholders, resulting in a smooth building process. Revit's design options aid in the visualization of concepts and long-term planning. AEC project stakeholders can also visualize the room sitting position, color, materials, and aesthetics using 3DS Max.

• Increased Water Efficiency - Achieving LEED certification requires a high level of water efficiency. Rain Water Harvesting can be calculated using a 3D BIM model during the design stage to help reduce water scarcity.

• Effective Resource Management - Managing multiple workers working on the same building site can be difficult at times. Navisworks Manage's 4D BIM Construction Scheduling or Virtual Simulation enables proper planning for multiple employees working on the same building site at the same time, allowing seamless construction. AEC experts may compare the plan to reality and make competent construction planning decisions before the beginning of the construction.

• Shorter Material Lead Time - Using BIM, you can shorten the time it takes for materials to arrive. 

The time it takes from a concept idea to a finished product, including order placing, material tracking, 

manufacture, and delivery, is referred to as lead time. AEC experts may extract accurate 

Bill of Materials (BOM) from the stage of Design Development through Material Importation at the  appropriate moment using 3D BIM Model, preventing material scarcity onsite.

• Optimized Energy Usage -

Creating Designing Opportunities for Energy Efficiency across Buildings might be difficult at times. 

Revit BIM aids cost savings and enhanced building efficiency by understanding energy performance and 

optimizing energy usage across buildings using thermal analysis. All building systems, such as equipment capacity, efficiency, 

airflow, and fans, can be designed and modeled by BIM specialists, through documentation uploaded to LEED. Engineers can create energy models that take into account 

architectural, lighting, and HVAC components. AEC professionals can simulate building models with real-world orientations

by rotating them at different angles to get an average result for Base Energy consumption. Through BIM integrated construction methodologies, one can view shadows and comprehend the sun's location and how it changes the building throughout the seasons.

Implement BIM in the construction work process and obtain LEED certification to create a sustainable building. To know more about BIM, contact BIMPACT at +91 8003533335 or [email protected].


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