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The portal Women in BIM releases a new global data base

The aim is to gather information on women working in BIM through an online survey

Published: 19/10/2016

Country: United Kingdom
Women in BIM has released a new data base for all the women from all over the world working in BIM. This initiative, built from an online survey, aims to support the small female sector currently working in the construction sector and will work as a search and registration register as well.

The data base answers the last CIOB survey called The Changing Role of Women in the Construction Workforce which states: "Women in the UK construction sector represents less  than 10% nowadays of the active population, reflecting their underrepresentation in an industry that fails to attract and retain women.

According to Women in BIM this new methodology is facing a perfect storm of different roles, therefore this data base seeks to ensure that the abilities of half of the population do not get lost along the way. 

Rebecca de Cicco, head of the group, said in the conference of the Digital Construction Week 2016 taking place this week in the UK: "Women working in the construction industry will benefit of the support of this colleagues. This initiative of Women in BIM was born precisely pursuing this goal. Our first duty is to compile the number of women with this existing roles, where are they located and how can get them in touch between each other. We want to invite all women from all over the world currently working in BIM to join our network."

This data base will be used for:

    • To create a support center for all the women to connect, discuss and share ideas in the BIM context and with other digitalisation processes all over the world.
    • Gather information and to create a series of infographics illustrating its global reach. 

    • Inform the industry of how Women in BIM can grow and offer support within each geographical area. 

    • Provide information and a framework to help the industry, government and professionals to address the diversity of underlying problems in a sector facing a digitalisation process. 

    This initiative also allows women to participate in sharing their experience and offering their services as speakers and experts.

    David Philp, head of BIM in the UK BIM Task Group, said: "Promoting a force of diverse, progressive and innovative way of work inside the construction sector is essential for the future of the sector."

    "As an industry we have to attract now more than ever the new generation of workers while we competing against other sectors of latest technology; we must ensure that the next generation and perceives the construction as an industry that is technologically advanced and where diversity is celebrated." 

    "Besides, being honest and fair for everyone is what to do. Women in BIM are helping defend these ideals and look forward to working together for promoting a better industry for everyone."

    The survey is in english and open for any user that wants to participate. It issues such as work discipline, the professional profile and the main doubts within the BIM methodology. 


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