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The use of BIM in Italy will be mandatory for public procurement by 2019

The obligation to adopt the BIM methodology will be linked to particularly complex works of more than 100 million euros

Published: 28/03/2018

Country: Italy
It was long overdue, it is now done, Graziano Delrio, Minister of Infrastructures and Transport signed the "decree BIM" on December 1st concerning the obligation to use progressively specific methods and electronic tools for the construction and infrastructure.

This is the decree that will implement art. 23 paragraph 13 of the new Code des Marches Publics, drafted by the Baratono Commission, which had been called upon to define the procedures and timetable for the compulsory use of BIM by the contracting authorities, the granting authorities and the economic operators.

Roadmap for implementing BIM

The "Baratono Decree" scheme, after an initial consultation phase concluded in July 2017, foresees the introduction of new BIM scanning tools according to a well-defined timetable, mainly divided into three phases.

Until 2019, the obligation to adopt the BIM methodology will be linked to particularly complex works of more than 100 million euros.

From 2019 to 2021, the criteria will be related more to the issue of complexity than to the amount. BIM will be used for strategic work with special safety standards and a high number of people.

Finally, from 2022, the BIM will be introduced at full capacity, becoming mandatory for all ordinary works, except for residential work and not presenting any particular problems related to security.

In 2025, the process will be digitized for all projects, more or less complex, up to amounts of less than one million euros.

As foreseen by the BIM Decree, the first steps in the digitization of existing processes will mainly concern the definition of a training program for the formation of public authorities and bodies and the drafting of an investment plan (maintenance and updating ) relating to modeling tools and information management (hardware and software). The use of interoperable platforms and data sharing environments will be considered, using open non-proprietary formats of the IFC type. In this way, we will avoid compelling the modeling and management of information with specific proprietary formats, thus not limiting competition.

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