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Identifying the factors that are critical for successful delivery of BIM by Design organizations in Indian AEC Industry

India BIM Association Survey

Published: 19/01/2018

Country: India

Introduction. As a first step towards delivering successful BIM projects, identifying the CSFs-Critical Success Factors and performing timely assessments of BIM projects is the key to reach owner’s expectation. Building Information Modeling technology, processes and protocols has been embraced in past two decades by the Global AECO industry. Effective BIM diffusion in AECO projects can bring in several paybacks to the AECO organizational stakeholders. Indian AECO organizations has realized the benefits of delivering projects by adopting BIM technology and workflows. However, it is very much essential to deliver BIM services to reach client’s expectation. As an initial step, CSFs for successfully delivering BIM must be identified. These CSFs can benefit Indian design organizations to realize what is important and thus be able to prioritize their daily activities.

Methodology. In phase one, extensive literature survey is performed to study the existing BIM assessment methods and to understand the factors that influence BIM projects delivery in AECO organizations. In phase two, a framework of influencing factors for successful delivery of BIM in design stage is conceptualized (Figure 1). Now is the time for phase three. Here, data collection procedure is performed with Indian BIM experts for identifying the factors that are critical for successful delivery of BIM by design organizations. In phase four, necessary statistical analysis will be performed to identify the CSFs for successful BIM delivery by Indian Design organizations. In phase five, identified CSFs will be discussed with respondents to make them realize what is important while delivering BIM services to their local and global clients. 

Phase 3. A survey is undertaken for this research with Indian BIM experts who are involved in delivering BIM services as a design manager, construction/project manager and Owner. Your inputs are valuable and it is of higher importance in identifying CSFs-Critical Success Factors for delivering BIM. Once the data collection and research analysis is complete, survey results will be shared with the respondents (on their email) to help them realize the factors that are critical for successful delivery of BIM by design organizations in India.

Need your inputsIf you are a design manager, please input your suggestions here. If you are a Construction/Project manager, please input your suggestions here. If you are a Owner, please input your suggestion here

Hamsaja Harish
Global MBA, National Taiwan University
Active Member, India BIM Association
Email: [email protected]



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