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Published: 25/06/2018

Country: India

Diversifying from CAD to BIM Modelling is an extremely beneficial transit in the long run. What looks like a cost initially is actually an investment that helps you save money and speed up project delivery by 70%. It is a very powerful technology that offers Architects and Engineers a platform to design buildings based on standards, codes and other environmental restraints, especially in smaller Architectural firms.

This technological evolution is prodigious and has changed the face of design and project execution in the construction turf. Architectural BIM Modelling is one of the services that has benefitted the Architects in planning, designing and develop a building from the conceptual stage through the actual construction process. Architects these days want to utilize Building Information Modeling services to control building construction, project planning & phasing etc., toy around with multiple design options and finally check the constructability of a building. In order to do this, they will need to first evaluate the effectiveness of virtual construction modeling within their organization. Once they evaluate this, they can hire consultants who will seamlessly consult and implement “Virtual Construction Technology” across the firm.

Educating and spreading awareness on Building Information Modeling services is the first step in the transition of CAD to BIM Services. Let us talk about how we can consult and implement BIM Services in Small Architectural Firms.

Unanimous Vision across the company

Hiring a consultant for implementing BIM Services in a company ensures the flow of common goal throughout the company. This is very important for successful implementation of any technology and understanding the benefits that it can offer. Every technology has a flip side, which needs to be explained in detail to avoid any misconception about the functions of the services. Cultivating “BIM culture” has become critical when the entire industry is gearing up for a makeshift towards virtual construction.

Unified Exchange of Information

BIM Consultants play an important role in sharing project details and exchange of information, deliverables etc. There has always been a bone of contention between Architects, Structural and MEP Engineers and Contractors when it comes to exchanging information. These consultants help in streamlining the communication path by bringing all of them on a single platform by conducting coordination meetings. Design changes, validations, and corrections are implemented seamlessly without hurting any one’s self-worth. Outsourcing BIM consulting services will result in the excellent implementation of virtual construction technology without major hassles.

Implementing the right approach

There is no right or wrong approach in this domain. What you implement should be right for your organization and should serve your purpose. BIM services for small Architectural firms can be a challenge, owing to the setup cost involved in setting up this technology.  Hence it becomes mandatory to keep educating the owners about the immense benefits that BIM Modeling Services brings across the table and the kind of process they should follow.

In order to transit from CAD to BIM Services, it is important to find a partner who is experienced in providing BIM consultancy services for Small Architectural firms. It is always better to outsource this to a company, with excellent experience in consulting services, Implementation constructability reviews and overall execution of BIM projects.

Outsourcing your BIM Modelling services to India is an excellent and cost-effective proposition. Apart from consulting, you can also opt for Implementation, Constructability reviews, planning and facility management services using BIM. Let us navigate further into the world of Virtual Construction Modeling.

BIM Implementation process

While consulting deals with educating an organization about Building Information Modeling, benefits, goals and uniformity of process, BIM implementation enables a company to actually incorporate the services throughout the organization. This is when the company actually transits from traditional construction process to the newer technology of Virtual Construction Modeling. Many BIM outsourcing companies in India have successfully helped in the seamless transition towards using latest BIM Modeling software such as RevitArchiCAD, etc.

BIM Modeling Services

Once you implement BIM, you need to start bidding for projects. Initially, when you are a newbie, it is wise to outsource projects. This will help you focus on your core competencies and gain a foothold in the industry. You can rely on BIM outsourcing companies in India as India is one of the most sought-after destinations for availing Pre-construction and AEC services. Low hourly rates, skilled Architects and Engineers, 10 to 15+ years of industry experience, English speaking people overall makes India a viable outsourcing partners for Architectural and Engineering companies in USA, UK, Australia, Europe and Canada.

You can look for a company through search engines, post inquiries and select companies based on your requirements. It is always viable to choose a company that offers end to end Building Information Modelling solutions than just a company with expertise only in one domain. Architectural BIM Modelling services, Structural and MEP Services, BIM co-ordination Modelling, constructability reviews, MEP Shop Drawings etc. are some of the major services that you may need to look for. Architectural firms can always opt for companies providing Architectural BIM services only, however, having a company on board with multiple and diversified experiences has got its own advantages.

One also should also be cautious to find the right BIM Company to outsource your requirements. BIM Modelling Services should be chosen based on the project needs. In case you are only looking for a presentation model, you do not need to focus on getting parametric families, Quantity take-offs, material specifications etc. You can outline your scope of work clearly and put forward your requirements to the BIM services provider where you have outsourced the project. Also, it is extremely important to outline these requirements, clearly so that the company from which you are availing the services, do not offer you something that you do not require.

Outsourcing your BIM services to India takes away a lot of burden of your chest. You shall no longer be required to take project execution pressure, invest in technical infrastructure, avoid training and recruiting cost, cut labor cost and so on. Developed countries like USA, UK, and Canada have inflated labor cost which makes developing countries like India a hot destination for Outsourcing BIM Modeling Services. Choosing the right company with right skills is a daunting task. One should choose a company with highly skilled and trained staff, preferably they should be Architects and Engineers with extensive BIM expertise. Long-term industry experience and strong client testimonial are mandatory. The team should have good exposure to international building design standards and codes.

Finally concluding our discussion, it is very vital that all companies whether it is Contractor, Architectural firm or an Engineering consultancy before choosing a BIM services provider in India should scrutinize the requirements very clearly and the capabilities of the services provider with extreme care before making a decision of transit.

The company where you are outsourcing your BIM requirements should be capable of providing high-level project productivity, value for money and quality deliverables in a very cost-effective manner.  Choose your outsourcing partner wisely and make your construction process easier.

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