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Weekly Most Unmissable BIM Jobs (July)

The summer is always a good time to catch up with the last job opportunities of the market

Published: 18/07/2018

Country: United Kingdom
July is also a good month to keep your job search. Although we are facing a vacation period in certain parts of the globe, a lot of companies are looking for new profiles for upcoming projects starting in September. In countries like Spain, the BIM deadline for public projects is getting closer so the need for qualified BIM profiles has increased exponentially. 

If you're looking for new professional challenges, July could be your month. Update your BIMCo profile with your last personal information and be ready to apply to the TOP opportunities that we have gathered for you: 

BIM Modeler - LOGOS Architect

CYPE calculation program technician - LOGOS Architect

Architect expert in 3D programs - A+B Studio

BIM Modelers - BIMStudio

BIM Operator Civil 3D - Sacyr Qatar

Technical Sales Advisor - Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

BIM Manager - Danta Arquitectura

MEP 3D BIM Coordinator

Before you go... a few tips for job seekers like you

Sometimes I get requests from people looking for a job in BIM but they don't know where to start. My first question always is "what do you love to do?". Once they answer me I tell them "Ok, and what do you need to do this thing you love?". Most of the time is always about this first question we need to ask ourselves. Where I am and where I want to go. Then, everything gets together. 

Asking for advice is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary. We always need guidance. No matter we do, we never know if we're doing it right, especially when it comes to job applications. Have you tried to ask for a recommendation? Here in BIMCommunity you have the possibility to send private messages to every user and start a conversation. If you have followed somebody for a while and you think it could be beneficial for your, go ahead. What's the worst thing that can happen? 

To become a proficiency in BIM you need to never stop learning. Master a software, get familiar with the basic nomenclature, join forums and interact with influencers. A lot of them are in BIMCommunity, so if you are already registered you only have to search for them on the website. Events are also a good place to meet people and get updated with the last trends of the industry. If you have a tight schedule, don't worry, there are a lot of online events too. Take a look at our calendar and add the most interesting for you to your personal agenda. 

If you need a little push for your BIM career, BIMCommunity is here for you. Take a look at all the options that we have available on our website. And if you have something in mind, don't be shy and contact us at [email protected]. We're always happy to help!

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