Carlos Turiano Gonzalez Segovia
Technical Architect/Engineer Building
Employee | Engineering | Structural Engineer
Caracas , Venezuela


I am Structural Civil Engineer with 3 years of experiences Graduated from the Nueva Esparta, like being part of a team work, ideas maker, always to figure out they best way to solve a situation, I assure you if I am selected to be interviewed I will be a such a great assent to the workplace , because I have people skills, punctual person, I am really aware about the all BIM Technology an its developing all over the world, I do know the handling of several software related to the BIM Language.

Skills and BIM knowledge

Revit 3DModeling Quantities-Schedule EnergeticAnalysis FamiliesGeneration ConceptualMass StructuralCalculation ComponentsGeneration StructuralModeling ArchitecturalModelign DevelopingProject BIMLanguageHandling CYPECAD SAP2000 ETABS SAFE STAAD.PRO STAADFOUNDATION RAMCONNECTION RAMELEMENTS IDEASTATICACONNECTION FOUNDATION3D STAAFOUNDATIONADVANCE AUTOCAD3D AOUTCAD2D Naviswork  
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