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MTWO Defect Management app and MTWO Progress Management app

Lauren Liao
MTWO Defect Management app and MTWO Progress Management app

With the MTWO mobile solution, everything stays connected in one place, making your construction project management easier than ever. The data on the MTWO platform and between mobile apps is seamlessly connected and always stays synchronized.

1. Manage Defects and Safety issues with the MTWO Defect Management app

With the MTWO Construction Cloud Defect Management app, you’ll be able to manage and track project defect and safety issues with ease. It allows your team members to upload comments and documents such as photos, videos, and forms, so that all defect and safety issues are visual and easily accessible.

2. Record the Project Progress with the MTWO Progress Management app

The MTWO Progress app enables project teams to add description, record progress, and upload photos of every activity on site. Filtering out the required activity structure only takes seconds. Simply select any activity, and you can get a 360-degree view of the full history.
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