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Dynamo for the Automation of Detailing Tasks

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Published: 08/03/2021

Many times, engineers leave the “nuts-and-bolts” of column reinforcing bar layout and configurations to the Detailer, using many “typical” details on the design drawings. Having an understanding of the actual details may help the engineer design them to be more constructible. Further, knowledge of column detailing issues can help expedite placing drawing review, minimize future RFIs, and aid in field inspection.

We can not perform columns rebar work without minimum reinforcing at least, because the collapse of the  concrete is sudden collapse (without indicators) therefore is added rebar gives us a warning that the column began to collapse.

Column rebar helps to prevent brittle failure, to resist the moment due to eccentricity, to reduce the section area of column. It also increase strength , buckling , connection to other elements.

Rebar Detailing in Revit may consume lot of time if done manually. With use of Dynamo, We MaRS BIM Solutions are automating the rebar detailing/modeling tasks and saving lot of time. This in turn saves time & money for our clients too.

BIM Automation is not new anymore. The use of Revit & Dynamo is something mostly BIM Engineers are familiar with. The Growing Automation in the AEC Industry is not just easing the task of Construction but also increases productivity.

BIM Automation removes the redundancy of repetitive tasks, hasty calculations as well as reporting The classy softwares of AutoCAD Revit and Dynamo can be helpful for the entire gamut of generative design and structures for the project.


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