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Importance of BIM Training

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Published: 25/10/2021

Everything around us is getting digitized. Digital transformation is the need of the era. So is the AEC industry. BIM is one of the many recent technologies booming in recent times. Though BIM is an excellent technology and user-friendly, people are yet to adopt and implement BIM in their workflows.

What is BIM?

Why is it so important?

How does BIM benefit its users?

Let’s seek answers to these questions….

Know BIM now….

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is
a technology that involves intelligent modeling. The BIM model (not just
limited to a 3D model) serves as a single source of truth to all the personnel involved
in the project. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is being considered as a
common requirement in the AECO industry. It is rapidly being recognized as a change-maker across the globe.

Knowledge of
BIM-based applications is becoming a growingly coveted skill, not only for CAD
technicians and designers but also for architects and engineers.

BIM - The real game changer!

BIM training helps you to gain knowledge
about the BIM fundamentals along with the applications. It enables you to
acquire knowledge and evolve one's skills to satisfy the current and
approaching requirements with regards to BIM. However, one should be wise while
making a choice from where to take up a BIM training program. The choice of the
right BIM training program can make you a competent BIM professional. This BIM
training can prove to be a career enhancer in your current firm or a gateway
for the freshers in this competitive job industry.

Implementation of BIM is a great opportunity for businesses.
Government mandates, clients asking for BIM deliverables, competitive
environment are some of the driving forces to the increase in BIM adoption and
demand. These can be fulfilled by having trained BIM technicians. Trained BIM
technicians and professionals help to improve the quality of projects by
streamlining workflows and working efficiently cutting down the time and cost
of rework along with minimizing wastages in a collaborative environment.

Reap the benefits of BIM by being BIM-equipped:

BIM training helps individual users as well as large businesses. Apart from allowing the users/teams to perform more efficiently generating precise and accurate outcomes, BIM helps them capture the data for further processes like 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D. This means that the data in the information-rich model created is lifecycle data and can be utilized throughout the project lifespan. On the other hand, it helps one to keep abreast with current trends and technologies.

When you are BIM-enabled, new opportunities come your way for you to work in the pertinent companies globally or a greater chance of getting promoted.

Overall efficacies of BIM can be seen in the AECO industry. These majorly comprise- productivity, optimized outcomes, maintaining budget and timelines. The apparent benefits of BIM training by the learners have revealed that being BIM trained has helped them excel in their jobs and fetched value to the business. This indeed results in the strong inclination of the competitors towards BIM adoption, thereby creating a demand for employees skilled in BIM. Thus, there is an augmented need for BIM professionals in the industry who can satisfy this demand by being BIM equipped and qualified.

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