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Improve Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Coordination With VRcollab

VDC can enhance your BIM process

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Published: 06/02/2020

BIM has been gaining popularity the past decade and for good reasons. It has revolutionised the AEC industry with its process of creating and managing information throughout the construction lifecycle. BIM is so valuable to the industry that countries such as Singapore, United Kingdom and France have mandated BIM, with more countries to follow suit in the coming years.

However, professionals are starting to realise BIM itself is not enough.

"Many leading firms are also pushing the BIM boundary as they move towards integrating Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) in their building processes." – Hugh Lim, CEO of Building and Construction Authority in Singapore VDC Guide 2017

What Is Virtual Design & Construction?

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) is the management of BIM models, people and processes. With VDC, you virtually construct the building before physically building it, allowing you to better plan your course of action and anticipate risks & errors.

The VDC framework requires all stakeholders to work collaboratively across each stage – building modelling, rehearsing what to build and finally building what is modelled. VDC has helped companies save costs, time and manpower while improving building safety.

Improving VDC Workflow Using VRcollab

Using VRcollab, you will be able to merge multiple BIM files, meet stakeholders for coordination and manage the projects to improve your VDC workflow.

At its core, VRcollab is a software that converts BIM models for virtual design reviews, building requirement approval and construction coordination. It is compatible with industry standard BIM formats such as ArchiCAD, REVIT, Rhino, Sketchup, Navisworks and Obj.

VRcollab is equipped with features to provide a wholesome design review session. An added benefit is you can also coordinate and do the design review in virtual reality.

Real-Time VDC Coordination In Multi-User Stakeholder Meetings

Multi-User Coordination in BECA

We understand it is important to clear all issues at least 3 weeks before the start of construction in order to reduce time and manpower costs of the entire project. Hence, with VRcollab, we made it so you can host/participate in multi-user meetings, producing a smooth project delivery.

Don’t let your location limit your VDC coordination. VRcollab also allow these meetings to take anywhere at anytime. You can host the meetings in the office while your team is at the construction site or design studio.

Query BIM Models With Data Inspection & Precise Measurement

VRcollab measurement for VDC coordination
Measurement in VRcollab

Let’s say you’re walking through your BIM model and something looks out of place, requiring you to pull more information. You don’t need to waste time searching through your BIM software. Simply click on any BIM object in VRcollab to inspect all its properties.

In addition, VRcollab has various, easy-to-use measurement tools where you just click & drag the measurement point to make precise annotations.

Validate BIM Models With X-Ray Mode, Section Cut & Sunlight Analysis

Sunlight analysis - VDC feature
Sunlight Analysis

With Sunlight Analysis, you can accurately simulate sunlight and shadow studies in your model to understand how the sunlight penetration into your building.

X-Ray render mode reveals objects within the walls, such as various MEP installations, whilst maintaining a ghosted view of the walls, easing issue detection.

Section Cut allows you to easily slice through your model to reveal issues and identify problems where you can get right down to the nuts and bolts of your model.

Communicate Design Considerations Using Comment, Annotation & Screen Capture

Notice something is incorrect or out of place? Screen capture it, create comments/annotations to the specific BIM object. These information will then be compiled for your coordination report. You can download the report in PDF, XML, Navisworks, Excel files for use.

After your session is done, you can export the report and upload it to your BIM software for changes.

Want to try VRcollab? Download for free today! (Download works on PC)



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