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Type of Event: Seminar
Organizer: Zigurat Global Institute of Technology
Language of the event: English
Price: Free
Starting date: 27/07/2017
End Date: 27/07/2017
Venue: Online Event

How ArchiCAD 21 can make you super competitive

Collaborative Processes & Tender

Zigurat and SIMBIM will hold a Masterclass on How ARCHICAD 21 Can Make You Super Competitive.

First of all, Sergio Garcia will explain the “concept to BIM” workflow with the Grasshoper algorithmic design integration in ARCHICAD, the latest and greatest OPEN BIM workflows for multidisciplinary collaboration, and how the abundance of data put into your BIM during design can be further utilized in the later stages of the building’s lifecycle.

The second part of the seminar will be presented by Maite Fernandez. Maite is going to show how a BIM tool like ARCHICAD can help you go beyond simple documentation automation to offer, with predictive design technology and real design workflow automation. They will also introduce the latest and greatest OPEN BIM workflows for multidisciplinary collaboration during the design process.

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