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BIM Modeling Project for single level house in Queensland


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Company: Archdraw Outsourcing
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Year of the project: 2020
It is a single-story beautiful Riverside dwelling unit used front as Road access and rear as River access which spread to the area of 851sqm. A carport near the front side which has a facility of two cars is parked at a single time. Rear side a patio and seating which gives cool feelings. The client needs to model the building as as-built BIM. He provides us PDF files of house and floor plan, and actual images for our references for modeling. 

A client wants to do some modifications in the Existing house so he needs to produce a permit set for city approval. We helped him by providing a Architectural BIM Modeling and BIM content creation of existing house.

We are working on this project by getting less information from the client-side. Some portions are not visible properly because of old plans. The client sends a scanned pdf for further process. Our BIM modelers and Revit experts are able to work with minimal information and details in this project. During the modeling process, they face some complexity of the roof. We need to create complete internal objects as Revit family creation to complete the whole model of a building. In this case, the Revit family includes the interior products and furniture which is created from actual images.

The common shapes of pitched roofs are gable and hipped. In this project, the roof style is a little complex because of the unequal hip roof and different heights of the ceiling. The ceiling height is more in the central portion and less on the other sides.


There are some roofs whose shape is not so simple. As you have seen in the image, roof junction of broken hip and major and minor spans. You can perceive the position of the broken hip from this image. It also includes hip and valley shape. We have to calculate the length with the major and minor spans difference and set out center line, hip and ridge capping, irregular shapes, and length to the end. Our team did it with accuracy and perfection as you see in the model images.

Type of Work
  • Building
  • 851 m2
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