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Revit Modeling Project for As-built BIM of 95 Year old house in New York


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Company: Archdraw Outsourcing
Location: New York City, United States
Year of the project: 2021
The project is situated at an appealing location in New York. It is a triple-story dwelling built in the 1920’s. Even after all these years the building has been able to retain its original beauty. The dwelling unit is spread across 1620 sq ft of area. It has some very exquisite features to it like the huge casement windows. The house also has gable roofs which makes the appearance of the unit even more fascinating.

The requirement of the clients was for an as-built BIM model of the building for the purpose of renovation of the property. For that they had given us the PDF files containing 2D drawings of the space. Those drawings had the actual images and the floor plans of the house based on which we had to create the as-built.

In case of renovation projects, it becomes necessary to obtain the requisite permissions from higher level authorities. And for that reason the BIM model is very important. Based on the model, the needed permissions are given. The clients required permissions for some refurbishment of the existing interiors along with some other changes. Our team created the floor plan for the whole house.

There were few challenges and issues with the project which we came across after starting with it. The drawings that we received were basic 2D drawings and hence not much details were present. There was some kind of modification to happen with the kitchen and for that the clients wanted to decrease its area and instead increase the pantry space. And this acted as a challenging thing to do considering the floor plan. But with some brainstorming and focused work we were able to build the needed model in an excellent manner.

There was also an issue related to the staircase. The PDF files didn’t have much information regarding the measurement and position of the stairs. And without the proper dimensions it was difficult to incorporate those in the plan. That issue was tackled by studying the original images of the house and putting those details in use while making the as-built.

Archdraw Outsourcing is an expert outsourcing firm known for its Revit Modeling for as-built models in the USA. We make use of the latest versions of the AutoCAD and Revit software to produce quality 2D drawings and 3D models which are according to the AIA standards.

Type of Work
  • Building
  • 151 m2
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