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BIMPACT’S Commercial Office Building Project in USA


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Company: BIMPACT
Location: Jaipur, India
Year of the project: 2021
Published: 12/05/2022

Brief About the Project: 

The Office Suite comprises of all amenities to bring an increased economic opportunity to the area. The Building marks the expansion for office suite development. It’s a mixed-use project at the hub of business activity in the fast-growing region. The million dollar investment in the project is to accommodate 120+ small businesses and entrepreneurs.  

The office building is anticipated to provide a modern space for business activity without expensive overhead costs. The two-storey building on 35,000 square foot, consists of 120+ office suites, 5 tech conference rooms as well as a co-working space. 

The purpose of creating the building is to enable the business owners and entrepreneurs enjoy all-inclusive amenities without the long term commitment of conventional office space. Expected to be completed during 2022 spring, BIM implementation for the project is executed by BIMPACT during the design development stage for new construction, including 2 Floors, Wall Assemblies and Roof Systems. 

BIM Start Date: Nov, 2021

BIM End Date: Feb, 2022

Project Area: 35,000 sq ft

Our BIM Scope of Work:

1. 3D BIM Model Creation 

A. Exterior & Interior Walls, Doors & Windows, Railings, Wall Skirting,  Parapet, Verticals (Stairs & Elevator), Ceiling & Soffit, Roof Framing,  Wall Corners, Louvers & Vents, Wall Titles, Toilet Partitions, Floor  Slabs, Curtain Wall and Mullions, Metal / Wood Stud Frame, Roof,  Floor Framing, Downspout & Scupper, Roof Soffit,  Gutter,  Fixtures, Storefront / Curtain walls, Column (Steel & Concrete)

B. Updated Architecture 3D model to include recent architectural model for preparing the required CD set 

2. BIM Coordination - Clash Detection and Preparation of Clash Reports among Various Trades

3. Preparation of Shop Drawing / 2D Drawings - Exterior Walls, Interior Walls, Doors and Windows, Railings, Wall Skirting, Parapet, Stairs, Elevator 

4. Creating 4D Simulation - 4D Phasing animated video depicting the  construction methodology based on the construction schedule -  3DS MAX 4D Construction Animation included Texture & Light, Animation, Editing & Update 

5. Preparation of Design Development Drawing, Permit Set Drawing and Construction Drawings - Construction Drawing Set Creation including annotation and dimension as per the standards being used. We have successfully created 30 architectural sheets. 

Trade Covered: Architecture 

LOD: 400 

The Model Element is graphically represented within the Model as a specific system, object or assembly in terms of size, shape, location, quantity and orientation with detailing, fabrication, and assembly. Non graphic information is also included in the Model Element. 

Software Used: Revit, 3DS Max 

Key Features of the Project: 

1. Construction Trailer with Electrical Hook-Up 

2. Double Swing Construction Gate 

3. Post Driven Chain Link Fence with Fabric Windscreen 

Input Data Format - PDF, DWG, RVT 

Output Data Format - RVT 

Challenges & Solutions 

Challenge - Timeline Challenge - Completion of the Project within limited time 

Solution Our engineers completed the project within allotted time, implementing 3D BIM Modeling.

Challenge - Issue Faced with Wet Wall Location & Corridor Wall Type 

Solution - We modified the wall between rows of suites as wood stud and kept the corridor 6'-2" clear as applicable for both the floors. 

Challenge - Dimension Issue - Several dimensions appeared in fractions

Solution – Sent RFI to client to suggest the process of reducing dimensional issue 

BIMPACT’S Value Addition:

Final Model Creation after resolving potential construction issues, generating RFIs & consulting with architects & other project stakeholders.

Type of Work
  • Building
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