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Case Study – Architectural BIM for Multi-family Residential Apartment in Florida


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Company: BIMPRO, LLC - BIM Modeling and Coordination Services
Location: Miami, United States

This case study explores the effective application of  Architectural BIM services in a multi-family high-rise residential apartment project in Miami, Florida. The study outlines how BIM was used to address the project’s unique challenges, such as architectural complexity and environmental considerations. It highlights BIM’s role in enhancing collaboration, sustainable design, construction efficiency, and post-construction facilities management. Implementation of BIM services, covering aspects such as 3D modeling, clash detection, and parametric design. Through this case study, we showcase how BIM facilitated enhanced collaboration among architects, engineers, contractors, and stakeholders, leading to improved project efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In the dynamic world of architecture and construction, the integration of advanced technology has transformed the way architectural professionals plan, design, and execute projects. This case study delves into the collaborative efforts between BIMPRO, a BIM services provider, and a prominent architectural firm in Miami, Florida. Together, they undertook the architectural modeling and drafting services for an ambitious 18-story multi-family apartment project in Miami, demonstrating the power of BIM in achieving detailed construction documentation and project success.

Project Type: 18-story Multi-Family Residential Apartment Building

Area: 450,000 sq.ft.

Services Provided: Architectural Modeling, Architectural Drafting ServicesRevit Family Creation Services, Construction Documentation, Clash Detection & Coordination

Location: Miami, Florida

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