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'Technical Summit Rotterdam': How was it?


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Company: buildingSMART
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Year of the project: 2016
Published: 25/04/2016
Being present in all BIM events it is not always possible. That's why in BIMCommunity we develop an executive summary of the most important events on BIM so that you know by the hand of the organizers and main participants, the most important points of the meeting.

The downloadable document will include a brief presentation of the event, a study of its impact on social networks and an opinion of some participants, who bring their ratings of the event.

We release this documentary summary of the Technical Summit of Rotterdam, held on 11 and 14 April in which the various chapters of buildingSMART met to discuss issues primarily on development and delivery of BIM standards. Download it now!

If you attend a BIM event and want to be one of the columnists, please contact us at the email [email protected] to coordinate.
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