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Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD and BEXEL Manager collaboration

Intelligent complementing BIM platforms we’re evolving construction industry

Published: 04/03/2019

Country: Slovenia

Opposed to the traditional approach to interdisciplinary collaboration in the construction industry, where you are struggling hard with endless documents, paper sheets, numerous stakeholders, design changes, and different information – BEXEL Manager in collaboration with Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD are presenting you the intelligent, easier and more effective BIM processes in the common industry.

Software features

Graphisoft, now as a part of Nemetschek Group, has developed a comprehensive BIM design platform containing a wide range of software applications integrated into ARCHICAD to cover most of the design needs. ARCHICAD is a complete BIM design suite for Macintosh and Windows with 2D and 3D drafting, visualization and other building information modeling functions for architects, designers and planners.

ArchiCAD joins the best and intuitive 3D Modeling software tools and advanced, yet very accurate 2D tools for simultaneously creating of most complex building forms and detailed technical drawings. It also has a high-performance visualization software module which enables the production of photo-realistic pictures or videos directly from the BIM model. On top of that included desktop publishing software allows you to compose printed materials using technical drawings pixel-based images and texts. All the mentioned features are accompanied with BIMcloud service for real-time collaboration and teamwork on the same project, while multi-award winning BIMx module features mobile and highly representable 2D & 3D model navigation bridging the gap between the office and the construction site.

BEXEL Manager intelligent BIM platform, on the other hand, extends presented 2D and 3D capabilities of ArchiCAD, adding further 4D,5D and 6D BIM dimensions and data into the created project.

Merging the best of BIM dimensions

Since both of the platforms are BuildingSmart certified for importing ISO IFC files, BEXEL Manager fastly and accurately loads commonly used OPEN BIM files exported from ArchiCAD and uses all stored BIM data in order to manage respective information. 

The OPEN BIM movement was originally launched by Tekla and GRAPHISOFT and is supported by various organizations. The idea behind this inclusive movement is actually welcoming any organization in the AEC industry that is ready to support the overall goals and fulfill the agreed set of requirements. Clearly and briefly speaking the goal of the OPEN BIM is free and unhindered information exchange between all stakeholders.

Therefore it’s not unusual that just ArchiCAD’s module for IFC export is one of the most advanced and adjustable IFC exporters among BIM authoring tools. Its ability to export all IFC data file formats (.ifc, .ifcXML, .ifcZIP) and schemas (IFC2x3 and IFC4 definitions) including custom element filters and property mapping along with customized and optimized geometry conversion is one of the best and reliable.


A visionary BEXEL’s BIM platform integrates various BIM model uses and analyses into one software solution enabling users to easily manage and control design, quantities, cost and operational information of their project during entire life-cycle. Using advanced and accurate engines for BIM design review and clash detection – all model geometry and information received from IFC files are being checked and controlled as a part of common 3D BIM reviewing processes.
  • Using exclusive ArchiCAD BIM models of their Headquarter Buildings at Graphisoft Park, Budapest (Architect: Építész Stúdió Kft.) provided by Graphisoft, multiple comprehensive design review analyses were performed in BEXEL Manager in order to simulate real-case scenarios and anticipate possible change order risks.

  • 3D model was appended and updated and multiple clash detection tests according to clash detection matrix were performed and reports were generated successfully. Noted clash detection reports were exchanged with stakeholders using BCF files.
ArchiCAD has also a unique and enhanced tool for the highly parametric and controllable design of building the shell, more specifically curtain wall facades. This unique ArchiCAD’s tool outstands the competition and makes it one of the best platforms for designing free-form buildings and shapes. When combined with its bi-directional grasshopper add-in, it really allows designers to freely express their ideas and play with the forms while the software does all the calculations and optimizations based on the input data.


As an addition to received information from the authoring tool such as ArchiCAD, no matter how complex they are, BEXEL Manager also enables adding additional data and information to the model elements, primarily regarding scheduling and constructibility processes and analyses – creating a 4D BIM model and leveling it up to the next BIM dimension.
  • The proposed construction schedule was completely generated using BEXEL Manager advance scheduling engine. The created schedule is automatically linked with all BIM model elements received from ArchiCAD.

  • Generated 4D simulations were reviewed and the schedule was optimized in order to achieve preferable  construction
When 4D BIM dimension is reached, BEXEL Manager also provides a comprehensive module created for managing cost data information. Once the planning processes start – quantification and calculation processes are inevitable in order to provide the best possible solution. Another useful feature of the platform is the ability to import and export various, multilingual cost classification systems and items. These are stored within the platform and can be even automatically assigned to all model elements leveling up the model to the 5D BIM dimension.
  • Quantification of all required items was generated in BEXEL Manager using visual reports as part of pre tendering documentation review.

  • Using BEXEL Manager Cost Editor Module all relevant cost information was automatically assigned to the respective model elements using smart assignment rules and available metadata received from the IFC models.
Furthermore, when the project is completed and the as-built model provided, all required documents and information can also be imported, added and stored within the BEXEL Manager BIM platform making it asset information model, and BIM ready for FM. On top of that, BEXEL’s Facility Maintenance and planning, cloud-based 6D module, allows you to use previously described BIM data and creating your maintenance plans and activities manage operational processes and assets. This way we’re closing the BIM processes circle, improving and sharing all available information during the entire project life-cycle. 
  • Finally, all 2d documents and drawings generated from ArchiCAD are imported into federated and enriched BEXEL Manager model, including additional operation procedures, and manuals. Those model elements are linked with operation plan activities creating full 6D BIM model for further use during exploitation.

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