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Published: 07/08/2019

Country: India

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a technology that everyone in AEC Industry is aware about. Whenever we come across the benefits and advantages of BIM, it is termed to be a Time and Cost saver.

But, how does BIM help us save Time and Cost?

It is obvious that Time and Cost are the 2 main factors involved in construction. If BIM helps us save these both to some extent, nothing better than that.Now, let us look into how BIM helps us save Time & Cost in actual.

BIM Time & Cost Saving Factors:

Implementing BIM on a Project can help you save Time which ultimately results in Cost savings and vice versa, irrespective of the investments done (prior to the implementation of BIM).

5 Factors of BIM -Time and Cost Saving

1)    Transparency and Collaboration

2)    Ordering materials smartly

3)    Increasing time efficiency avoiding misunderstandings

4)    Successful Delivery of Project within deadline

5)    Saving Time required in documentation

1.Transparency & Collaboration:

With BIM, you can easily collaborate & maintain the transparency amongst the project team and the personnel involved throughout the project by creating consistent informative virtual models and access to the same, resulting in lower revisions or say early revisions in design thus, saving time and resultant costs, rather loss and wastage in later stages of construction.

2.Ordering materials smartly:

With BIM virtual models, you can derive the accurate quantities of materials required for your project. Also, you can calculate the timescale/duration of the project depending on factors of cost and labor etc.

This eventually can help you order your materials timely in advance so that the delay is avoided as well as budgets are maintained. Thus, resulting in saving time and maintaining budgeted costs.

3.Increasing time efficiency avoiding misunderstandings:

With BIM, one can predict the timescale involved for the project which can be monitored during actual construction on site. Also, there is more clarity amongst the project team which means no or rather fewer misunderstandings and disagreements.

Hence, the progress of the project activities can be tracked and in case, any delay occurs, necessary steps can be taken to avoid its impact on further schedules and costs incurred.

4.Successful Delivery of Project within deadline:

BIM resolves potential conflicts in advance before the project is executed on site.

It is costly to rectify site issues after the installation has already taken place.

With BIM, it is easy to visualize possible conflicts and fix them before project completion.

This will reduce rework, conflicts, waste and delay in project delivery.

5.Saving Time required in documentation:

BIM helps to save huge amount of time in documentation for architects and construction managers thus, granting them more time to focus on the production of creative and unique designs for the project.

BIM makes it possible for clients to have several/various solutions rather than just one within the stipulated timeline of the project.

At the same time, the use of BIM leads to greater efficiency and accuracy in the design and construction phase of the project.

A single building model created/designed and integrated database contains all the information about the project in one single place, simplifying documentation needed for later maintenance, repairs or additions to the edifice.

 In addition to these factors, there are many more Benefits of BIM

  • Clear expectations of the project and less scope change.
  • Increase user satisfaction with renovation results
  • Better documentation of the project resulting in lifetime data.
  • Asset maintenance
  • Reduced risks
  • Fewer litigations
  • Lean approach
  • Greater Analysis
  • Pre-fabrication and modular construction
  • Provide better designs for projects aiming to reduce energy consumption

Thus, BIM offers multiple opportunities to reduce Time, Cost and make it easy aiding towards efficient project delivery.

BIM will help you save your time and money, not only during the design and construction of the building/edifice, but through its entire lifecycle.

 -BIM will make it easy!!

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