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Why Point Cloud To CAD Conversion Is Beneficial

What is Scan To BIM and What are the benefits

Key points Why Point Cloud To CAD Conversion Beneficial

Point cloud to BIM services is fastest growing within AEC Industry. Generally these services is used by the building architectural, contractor and Constructions companies in globally that use laser scan machine to capture the shots in different angle and convert it from Scan to BIM by hiring highly qualified company.

Workflow Of Point Cloud To BIM

Firstly the Building surveyor surveys the whole existing building with the help of 3D laser Scanner (Faro). 3D laser scanner will give the information of dimensions generating a Point Cloud Model. That is it scans the whole building and generates a .pts file. You can refer image (A) below, which is a point cloud image. Then it is converted into .rcp (ReCAP) file, which is compatible in Revit Software. Then Modelling is created to accomplish the model into the Point Cloud File.
  • Step 1:- At the begin Highly Laser Scanner capture the Data of Object or Building in each direction In which Scanner take multiple scan from various angle to ensure entire site is covered and target are used to join the individual lines.

  • Step 2:- Our team analyzed the this point cloud file and start working on generating the 3D model using AutoCAD Or Revit software.

  • Step 3:- Render the accurate models file by using Autocad and Revit Software.

Let See the actual benefits why we are moving forward to Point Cloud To BIM Services

Saving Time

Using Laser scan technique can saving your surveying time for old and Reconstruction existing sites. At the begin scanner equipment capture the view from different angle and then technicians measure the the site and start to converting from scan document to BIM. It's reducing more than 50% time.

Reduces the construction cost
Ssan to BIM modeling is the cost effective techniques it's help to reducing construction surveying cost. Old traditional methods is highly time consuming and costly. but if you move to traditional to Scan to bim it's well prove and accurate result with low time consuming.

100% Accurate Result   

Point Cloud To BIM is deliver the accurate and satisfy result. If your result is not accurate then it will not give you satisfy result. Old traditional methods not assure that the result would be accurate but if we talk about Scan To BIM It would make sure that deliver project with accurate result and judgement. 

We have great expertise in converting the Point Cloud Data into BIM platforms such as Revit and other BIM software. We create a complete As-Built information Model with accuracy depicting the pipes, walls, slabs, roof plans, façade and landscapes in and around the building. We have experience in the creation of LOD 300 to LOD 500 models for Architectural Elements, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical and Firefighting Elements, Structural Elements, Structural Elements and creation of integrated Models.


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